Manualis is first and foremost about tradition. A tradition that, since the 13th century, has made the city of Fabriano the symbol of handmade paper production.
The paper we produce is made from 100% cotton or hemp. Every single sheet of paper is individually made in the vat using the ancient techniques handed down over the centuries by the paper-makers. This is why we can guarantee a final product of high quality, which is ecologically pure, made without optical brighteners or chemical additives and with a neutral pH value that guarantees its long-term durability.
Manualis Paper Mill is a young and dynamic startup that combines traditional handmade paper production with distinctive elements, such as customisation on demand. In fact, we design and produce any type of personalisation requested by the customer: from the production of the paper in non-standard formats and weights to the possibility of adding watermarks, embossing and calligraphy. But that’s not all! We make special paper from recycled materials provided by the customer, whether simple paper and cardboard scraps or fabric offcuts of any kind such as silk, wool, cashmere, jeans, leather, etc., to create unique tailor-made paper.
Manualis is a startup company created by young people with years of experience - it draws on tradition but has a keen eye for innovation and, above all, it is a project resulting from a friendship consolidated over time, which has transformed a passion into a real expression of art and craftsmanship.